Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekly Recaps are Useless

I started this blog with the intent to post a play by play of my job on a weekly basis. Based on some feedback, and monitoring which articles are read the most, I'm not going to bother posting a weekly "In the life of" type of posts, but will definitely continue to post my thoughts / rants / musings on the world of commercial software. Comment below if you think there is value in continuing these posts and I could probably be swayed to continue posting.

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Ruth said...

I'd like to encourage you to continue.

One thing you'll get from a weekly blog journal of your "Life as a Software Program Manager" is that you'll be more self-aware, question more, think more about what you do and why. Right off, that's a win and it doesn't depend on anyone else.

Along the way, people will find your voice. Your network will grow and give you more of a sense that an interactive community is forming around you.

Don't get discouraged. I'll stand up and be counted as one who'll be back to check in on your blog, learn from your school of hard knocks, be inspired by the missions you take on, etc.

Program Manager said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will post future recaps, just maybe not on a weekly basis.

Tom Harris said...

Your blog has only been up for a few weeks -- it's much too soon to be making decisions based on traffic.

More important, your weekly real-life posts -- not opinion but report of what actually happened with your feelings about it -- are a unique contribution to software project management. As the other post from "Ruth" said, keeping a diary will help you. And I would say it will help others as well. Keep it up!

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